Friday, June 8, 2018

Big Kid Porch Campout, Take 2

 A few years back, we had our first ever "Big Kid Porch Campout" -- so titled because at the time Simon was not yet in the pack of "big kids" and had to sleep in his own bed.  As you can probably figure out, the rest of us slept on the porch.  The memory of this night loomed large in the minds of our kids, and we had our second go at it this Monday when the weather turned cool.  We began with hamburgers and s'mores followed by chasing fireflies and reading in pjs.  The kids (minus Bo, of course) actually slept in John's new tent in the backyard while the parents dragged their mattress onto the porch for the night.  (What?  Do you think I'm sleeping on the FLOOR?!)  It was glorious and majestic, and we're all thrilled to keep this summertime tradition going!

(For the record, we renovated our house 2 summers ago so we had a "family room campout" when we got back in.  Last summer we had a newborn baby.  Enough said.)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Starting Summer

The kids, eating a snack and chatting. Not the best light, but it was pretty adorable.
Simon, playing Connect 4 with Sophie from across the street.
Kira, grudgingly smiling as I interrupt her drawing.
Bo, interrupting my reading.
Kira still reading; Simon and Sophie have moved on to United States Bingo. In case you were wondering, Sophie is Kira's spend-the-night company. But Kira needs alone time sometimes and Sophie loves playing games and Simon is often bored. So...
Stupendous Man. This went on for about an hour yesterday. John would go change into his costume and run out and say, "Where's John?" Then he would go take off his costume and run out and say, "I heard I missed Stupendous Man?" Repeat.
Half the Wamsteds, looking cute. You can see me in the window there, looking less cute.
Right before haircuts. And, yes: I did cut Stupendous Man's hair. John still needs a haircut, apparently.
Snuggle time. Briefly. Bo doesn't sit still much unless he's asleep.
To wit. He's trying to get down and Kira's stopping him and he thinks this is hilarious.
More Bo looking hilarious. His faces just really get me sometimes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Photos For Mommy

Millie went out of town last weekend, and I have a long tradition of photo-journaling our day at home for her. For instance, see here for a time when Kira was a baby, or here for when John was a baby, or here for when Simon was a baby. Here's another one from when Simon was a toddler.

(Two observations if you look at all four posts. One, clearly I was most overwhelmed when John was a baby, because I only took two photos that day. I must have grown up some between then and Simon being born. Two, it occurs to me that I probably thought that day from the last post, when Simon was a toddler and I was home alone, was as complicated as my life ever would get. One word for that: sike!)

This time instead of even pulling out the real camera, I just texted her a shot of Bo every once in a while--so she wouldn't forget us. I wish I had used the big camera, though, as I probably would have taken more pictures of the older kids. Instead, it's just a scene by scene update of how cute Bo is. Which isn't all bad, I guess.

And, to be clear, alone at home with four kids kind of precluded me having time to stage good pictures. We should all be grateful I got anything for Millie!