Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Simon's Birthday

Well, we missed posting for Simon's Birthday. It was a Thursday, and we had a great day of celebration. And then on Saturday we had another day of celebration, this time with a friend and a trip to the movies (and a sleepover!). However, John came down sick on Saturday, and so far three more Wamsteds have followed suit. (I won't name names; just know that Bo is so far healthy! The sleepover friend? He's sick too.) At any rate, here are a couple of photos of Simon from Thursday. You'll note that he has a new, affected, non-smile smile. Just roll with it.
These are some of his new Batman legos. Still the glum smile, but he was pretty pleased--don't be fooled!
Here's a real smile, from the next day. He got to building his new Bat-Cave when he got home from school, and even the camera couldn't shock the joy out of him! Happy Birthday, Simon! We love you!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

At The Lake

The Wamsteds travelled to Lake Seed for the first half of Thanksgiving Break--our first out of town trip alone as a family of six! We had a blast, playing baseball, kayaking, reading in front of the fire. It was pretty glorious. As usual, our picture game was pretty weak, but this will give you an idea. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

(Also, no one tell YaYa that we let Bo eat oatmeal in her living room. It was just so cozy with the fire and all...) 

(Or that we let the kids hang out in that window seat...)

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Eight Is Enough

So we had four extra kids spend the night on Friday. Our good friends Jay and Sally have a thirteen-year-old girl named Charlotte, and three boys--Griffin (10), Harry (8), and Jack (6). The Wamsted/Alexander crew gets along famously together, so we decided to get in some extra play time with a giant sleepover. I tried to document the managed chaos as best as possible. First comes dinner.
The next morning. This is John introducing Harry and Jack to two Wamsted staples: MagnaTiles and our beloved "Horses and Men." 
Griffin playing with Bo. Here is a fact: Bo. Loves. Griffin.
The boys' room the next day. The five older ones all slept together in John & Simon's room. Shockingly, it went much better than you might imagine. It did, however, look like a small-town arena after Wrestlemania comes through. Kind of smelled like it, too.
Griffin with more Horses & Men.
Harry, done with his friends and needing a break.
Bo spent a good thirty minutes on that couch just watching bigger kids play. It was all like the greatest of theatre to him. Loud, immersive, experimental theatre.
Charlotte, monitoring games while checking her phone for her parents' location. Sadness was looming at the impending departure, but Jay & Sally did bring mochas for the grown-up Wamsteds--so spirits rebounded.
Don't know if you missed Millie drinking in the background of that dinner photo up there. Just so you know the truth!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year, we were all ninjas. Well, except for Bo, who wore the same lion costume he wore last year. He liked it marginally more, but we did have to take the hood off eventually in order to see his face. And, to be clear, the big kids were every bit as hilarious as they look. They were really excited about being ninjas for some reason.

Monday, October 29, 2018

All Four Kids

To complete the series from last week's Fall Weather Photo Shoot, a typically silly series of all four kids. Notice that Kira never loses focus, despite the best efforts of her three brothers!