Monday, April 19, 2010

The Zoo

Kira and I went to the zoo today to meet some new friends: Mary and her two children, Frankie and Harper. I hoped to have a fabulous post for you complete with adorable pictures and hilarious stories about Kira at the zoo. Ah, the best laid plans... Kira was fussy and only mildly interested in the animals. Mostly, she liked watching the other children. There was a panda bear eating bamboo shoots about two feet from her face, but her eyes were on the three-year-old nearby. She also enjoyed riding the train. She did not enjoy riding in her stroller, which resulted in quite an arm workout for Mommy. I did manage to get a picture. You will just have to trust me that this picture was, in fact, taken at the zoo.


  1. I think that face says it all....laughing, with love, margaret

  2. I know what you mean! I always think we should go to the zoo or museum or the monuments for a fun family outing, but it never turns out that way. We are carrying whiny kids and no one enjoys themselves!

  3. addie loves the zoo WAY more now than she did even last year. we have a train...and she did enjoy that, but i'm pretty sure we did a lot of carrying too at that age! glad you got some time with new friends though! :) she's as cute as ever! cant wait to see yall soon!