Friday, May 14, 2010

A Post Without Pictures

"'...and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations?'" - Lewis Carroll

Lately, Kira has a new trick every day. She seems to have crossed some kind of cognitive line. She understands so much of what I say to her. She can say "Eli" and "Daddy" clearly and "Mama" to a lesser degree. She does motions to The Itsby Bitsy Spider. She claps all the time. She can walk while holding my hands (I think she'll be walking on her own soon). She crosses her chubby little arms like an adult. She shuts doors when you ask her to. She pats the dog gently. She throws the ball well, and loves to play fetch with Lilly (Annie and Jeremy's dog - Eli doesn't fetch). She babbles constantly and responds when you ask her a question (not with actual words, but still). Although this post may be like Alice's book without pictures, I want it to be known far and wide that Kira is growing up. And she's doing a great job at it. Way to go, baby!


  1. So much in just 1 year! It's astounding. Then they aren't babies any more and you want to do it all again. (Or maybe that's just me.) :-)

  2. i agree...she has grown up SO much even since her 1st birthday in march! she's absolutely perfect! loved seeing yall last week!