Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

The Wamsteds certainly had a cute afternoon yesterday. Jay and I put Kira in her bathingsuit (with tutu attached!) and her pink jellies, and we all went outside to play with her water table. We had a blast!

I will leave you with these adorable, chunky legs...


  1. LOVE those chunky legs! i saw one tiny roll on audrey kate's legs today and got SO excited! i think addie and kira were born with them :) fun times! i'm loving that water table!

  2. I made the chunky legs shot my screensaver, but missed her adorable face, so now I have the 2nd to last shot, which is fabulous!

  3. That's my screensaver right now, too!

  4. We saw that water table at Target and I told Brian we HAD to get one.


    Because Kira has one. Duh.

    That little tutu bathing suit is SO CUTE. And those chubby little legs!!!