Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daddy Day

Okay, so this is Jay. Yesterday, Millie left me and Kira alone for the day--she went to Rome with a couple of friends (Rome, GA--it's about an hour north of here) and apparently they sat by the pool and were catered to by one of the friends' mothers. Kira and I, having no one to cater to us, decided that we were going to go to the park. This took a bit longer than I thought; apparently taking care of a baby by yourself all day is not "easy." At any rate, Millie asked me to keep track of what we did (I can only assume so that she could keep track of me). And so... I did have the sense to change her out of that onesie, although we were completely ready to go before I realized it might be uncomfortable. The picture below represents the end of a pretty good struggle with her sunglasses and hat. She doesn't want to wear them; she just wants to hold them.
Millie and I think that Kira looks like a kid in the picture below, not really like a baby anymore. She was really happy when our run ended at the park.
Every shot after this included a rather dirty behind. Poor pink shorts. And, really? We have mulch at home.
She tried to go down this slide on her own. I stopped her, of course.
Millie was a little surprised that I let Eli up on the playground equipment with us. Frankly, I was surprised that she was surprised.
There were a lot of pictures like this, where Eli was in Kira's way. I liked this one best because, if you can properly ignore the implied third dimension of the photo, it looks like he is about to lick her head.
Pretty soon after this, Kira came down the slide to me. I decided not to try to get a picture of that. Wisely, I can only assume, based on some mishaps we had when she was younger. I kind of think Kira looks like my cousin Graham here, or at least what Graham would look like if he were a brown-haired, fourteen-month-old, blue-eyed girl. It's something about the way she is setting her mouth.
This picture is a little dark, but I absolutely loved it. Kira is hydrating, and Eli stayed up on the set by himself. They are both ignoring me. Immediately after this I ran down that little hill and hurdled over Kira. She thought it was hilarious. Obviously; I'm the daddy.


  1. she does look like such a big girl in that picture! i still think she's one of the cutest babies ever though! it does make us stay-at-home (ha) mama's feel good to hear a daddy say that it's not "easy" to do it all by yourself. we agree! let me tell you, we sure are thankful for such awesome daddy's though! (you and paul!) she's too cute, and we REALLY hope we can see yall on the 19th! hugs!

  2. did a fabulous job documenting your day! ;)

  3. I'm sorry, Millie, but this is by far the best blog post ever. And usually I think you're funnier than the Swam; go figure.

    Kira is too grown up; I need to see her soon before she's driving a car.

  4. Jay is quite the blogger! LOVE this post! Can't wait to see you guys next month! :)

  5. She does look like graham if you squint your eyes....clearly she has some wamsted despite the strong dickey-woman look. xomom

  6. Love the play by play. Do it again!