Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Night Harvest

We (I) have had many failures and disappointments in the garden this season. I suppose that is the inescapable fate of a laissez faire gardener. Still, when you start seeds in January that get chomped down to the root in June... well, that hurts.
But we've also had our successes! On Sunday night, Jay Kira, and I picked cucumbers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes...
and a bowl full of figs!Look at my baby eating figs straight from the tree!

And look what we (I) did to that bowl of figs today...

That's right! Fig preserves. I followed a new recipe for whole fig preserves that I found on Bayou Woman's website. Hope they're good!


  1. Wow! You already harvested a bowl full of figs? I picked the first few ripe ones for my breakfast a couple mornings ago. I will go look today (after a day of rain) to see if there are more ripe ones to pick. I hope you like this new to you (very old in my family) fig preserve recipe! There are several on my site, in case you want to try something else. Your jars look lovely. By the way, your daughter is adorable. Thanks for stopping by the bayou and for linking back to me blog.
    Bayou Woman

  2. Bayou Woman - Thank you for your comments! We don't always have a decent harvest in June (about every other year). Our BIG fig harvest happens in August every year. We ate the preserves on hot biscuits this morning... DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing a great family recipe!

  3. Yummy figs! Looks like a good crop so far. I feel your pain. Some deer have found our sunflowers. So sad to not see them all bloom after so much anticipation!

  4. The fig preserves look divine! I can't wait to try the recipe- did you see her recipe with blackberries? Yumm...
    ps- Kira looked good too.
    Happy BIrthday Jay tomorrow!

  5. Any chance we can convince you to bring a jar to the lake??! Yum!