Saturday, September 4, 2010

a day without mommy

The first thing Kira said to me upon my entering her room this morning was "Mommy?" She went on to say this word no less than four thousand times throughout the day, while I kept reminding her that Mommy was visiting a friend and would be back tomorrow. So, rest assured that even though Kira is having a LOT of fun in these photos, she did, in fact, miss her mother very much. Anyways, here, starting with breakfast, welcome to our day...

A few hours later and Kira is literally crying into the door as she wails the word "outside" over and over. I have just told her that we are going to the park as soon as we brush our teeth.
I forgot the camera at the park, so we'll skip to lunch. She ate peas & applesauce all by herself, for the most part successfully. We did take a bath immediately afterwards, though.
After our bath she took a nearly three hour nap. This moment when I went to get her up was pretty much the only time all day that she didn't say "Mommy?" to me. She was, to put it mildly, a little groggy.
Here we are, ready to head to my friend Dante's for a pre-Labor Day cookout. I have started putting Kira in dresses lately, as Millie pointed out to me how easy it is to change diapers in these outfits. The hat was important to me, however--you know, to keep it real.
This is Dante's truck, and I just thought Kira looked kind of beautiful here. As her daddy, I get to put up pictures like this and say things like that.
Kira has recently learned how to use a fork reasonably well, which is nice because it keeps her occupied during meal times. She does get rather dirty, however, though I'm not sure if you can tell that here or not. Note that she is wearing a t-shirt over her pretty dress--I had to borrow it because I forgot a bib.
She discovered a bottle of bubbles on the ground after dinner--thankfully, because I also forgot to bring a pacifier and it was getting on towards bed time. The kid really loves bubbles.

Not as good as the picture Anna took recently, but I was pretty proud of myself nontheless. I was also impressed that she learned how to hold the bubble wand all by herself, which upon watching her struck me as a rather impressive feat for an 18-month old. [Please note that if I were a better blogger I would link to Anna's picture here. This parenthetical will have to suffice.]
This is part 1 of Kira blowing a good-night kiss to her Mommy.
This is part 2. We sure do love you, Mommy! Hope you had fun today, and we'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Haha! I absolutely love that you thought she looked beautiful by the truck. That started me laughing out loud.

    Looks like a good day to me. Glad Millie got to spend time away!

  2. you're a great blogger...and Kira is a great subject. makes me smile...xoxomom/gramma