Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner

My parents had us over for dinner last night along with Annie and Jeremy. Not surprisingly, Kira had a blast. First off, some of her favorite people and dogs were assembled and ready to pay attention to her. Second off, they have different (better!) toys than we have at home. Check out Kira and the easel below. I walked in and found her drawing on it by herself.
And, lastly, they feed her ice cream.
This might be the first real sugar high Kira's ever had. It was quite a scene.
Thanks for a fun night!


  1. She does kind of look like a teacher in that first one; really into her art in the second one; and really into her ice cream in the next...a girl after my own heart. xogramma

  2. Love the last picture...Doesn't everyone feel like that after a bowl of ice cream? All that was missing was the chocolate sauce!