Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At the Lake

We three Wamsteds traveled up to Lake Seed for a beautiful three-day weekend. We climbed trees, went on some bear hunts, took the boat out a few times... in other words, lived out Kira's wildest dreams. Our friends Anne and Scruff joined us for a night, which was not only super fun but also resulted in some great Kira photos. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Scruff!Kira and Jay are actually IN a tree together above. Kira loved it for a while, but when she said "DOWN" you better be ready to catch her!


  1. just so everyone knows, we were not that high up in the tree...

  2. oh my. she looks like such a BIG girl in that first picture! long legs and sitting on the bench by herself! wonderful pictures and i love the tree climbing! :)