Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fairy

We certainly had a cute Halloween. We dressed Kira up in her tutu and wings and took her around to our sweet, sweet neighbors. We went to four houses in all, and it took 40 minutes. Kira stopped to play with her candy in every driveway.
Notice my growing belly above. I'll be 17-weeks pregnant on Wednesday, but I "popped" weeks ago!After visiting our neighbors, we left a note at home and headed to my parents' neighborhood. We're usually lucky if we get 3 trick-or-treaters, but my parents get scores and scores of them so we went to watch the action.
As you can see, handing out candy turned into something like tailgating for us. It was really fun. Kira was in heaven until she started to get a little too sleepy.
But, seriously, is that not the cutest fairy you've ever seen? I hope you had a good night, too!


  1. Kira is adorable!! And your growing belly is precious too.

  2. Sufjan Stevens was a fairy last night on stage. Kira is a different sort of way:). Do you guys still have some of that candy? Candy is soooo good!