Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Advent is here. We are preparing our hearts and home for Christmas. So far we have had one broken snow globe and one broken glass ornament... and we have been at this for less than 24 hours! But Kira is catching on to the excitement as we decorate and talk about Christmas. Here is a glimpse at our festive home thus far.
Kira's awesome new Melissa & Doug nativity set... a lovely gift from my parents! Our candle chandelier adorned with bells and red ribbon.
Our Advent candles. We are a little behind as Advent started on Sunday, but we will begin by lighting the Hope candle tonight for dinner.And since I couldn't find quite the right color candles, I decided to add little labels. I stole this idea from someone else, but I love it! Starting at Thanksgiving, we put out a bucket. Throughout the season, we will add little notes indicating what we are thankful for. Then on Christmas morning, we will read all of the notes aloud. (Family and friends are encouraged to contribute as well!)We got our tree last night, but so far the only decoration is this Christmas tree skirt. It was my grandmother Baba's, and I think it's so much fun!Lastly, I am very excited about this little labor of love. I have another one that says "Merry+Bright" waiting to be finished.
Wishing you much comfort and joy during this Advent season. Oh, and hot chocolate, steaming mugs of hot chocolate!


  1. You are as beautiful as your sentiments; thank you for sharing....Love, Margaret

  2. Great ideas. i'm totally stealing that comfort and joy banner idea. I know exactly where I want to put it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love you and Jay starting your own family Christmas traditions.
    Love, Mom