Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Christmas

We had a wonderful time in Augusta with our family! I came back with far too few pictures as usual. I will send you over to Aunt Anna's blog to see her wonderful photos of the Dickens gathering (Jay's mom's family) as well as an amazing video of Kira with her cousin Addie (yes, I'm a blog mooch).
I did manage to get a picture of Kira, Addie, and Gramma at the Dickens party. Please note Addie's awesome galoshes with her smocked dress.I also got a couple of shots of Kira and Addie playing at Grampa's house. Boy, do they have fun together!
So I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and that 2011 will be happy and blessed. We here at the homestead are very much looking forward to the coming year as we prepare for the arrival of our little boy in the Spring!

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  1. oh my. I do love that picture of Addie and Kira w/ Addie laughing! I will be sending people over to your blog to see that one especially! Promise to have more posted in the next few days. I'm blogging/editing in mass before Paul goes back to work...I have a long way to go! love all 4 of you!