Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plan B

Kira came down with a cold and a fever last week. Jay had Friday off, and we were supposed to go up to Highlands for a long weekend to visit Gramma and Papa Al. Unfortunately, Kira's high fever forced us to stay home. Boo. We made the most of it by getting a few boring things done around the house (like child-proofing cabinets - it's about time!). Kira was pretty pitiful all weekend except when we gave her IBProfen to bring her fever down. Then she acted fairly normally. See evidence below: Kira and Jay playing music together. They play music together pretty often, and it always just makes me love each of them even more!
Can you see how much fun they're both having? I'm not sure who enjoys it more. They both like a good excuse to be LOUD!

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