Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tea Party

Jay was out of town last weekend so I decided some girl time was in order. I promptly invited my lovely friends Jen and Maury to afternoon tea.
I took some photos before they arrived because I just love setting a pretty table, (I suppose I have my mother to thank for that predilection) but I forgot to get pictures with my guests! Well, I did snap a few of the cutest two members of our party (no offense, Jen and Maury). Below is Kira holding Maury's son, Charlie. I was a little nervous about the damage Kira might inflict; but Maury was as cool as a cucumber, and Kira did wonderfully!


  1. That really was the cutest thing! Thanks for a lovely tea, Mills. Let's do it again soon! The GF sugar cookies were almost as awesome as the company!

  2. Too Cute! Love your table - And love seeing Maury's baby. Kira might need a little more practice holding the real thing - she looks like she has him in the same head lock she holds Curious George.

  3. Looks beautiful, Millie! It's a hint of Spring with one of the most charming parts of Winter: tea! Well done. It reminds me of "The Finer Things" club/clique in The Office. Miss all 5 of you!