Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday, Part III

After Kira's nap on Saturday, she opened a few presents. She exclaimed, "Wow! That is so cool!" even before she could see what anything was.
{Kira showing off her "birthday shoes" from Grampa.}{Kira "cooking for PopPop" with her new pot and pan.}
Then Yaya, PopPop, Aunt Annie, Uncle Jeremy, Baby Walker, and Lilly the Dog joined us for a couple of pizzas and some cupcakes.
Aunt Annie and Uncle Jeremy brought Kira a very loud Dora guitar. We decided that more birthdays should end with ice cream smeared on one's belly while one plays guitar.


  1. That is three posts worth of awesome birthday photos. It also good to know that Kira can so effortlessly pull off several different hairdos.

  2. We should all have 3 different birthday celebrations... And we should all enjoy it as much as Kira enjoyed all 3 of hers!!!!!

  3. I particularly like the way she's plaything the guitar. So heavy metal of her.