Thursday, March 10, 2011

Consolation Marshmallow

Kira's cousin Addie was sick last weekend and consequently had to postpone her 3rd birthday party. Kira was very sad when we told her that we could not, in fact, go to "Addie's birthday." She told people all week that Addie was sick. The only thing that made Kira feel a little better was enjoying a treat that Aunt Anna had prepared for the party and sent our way via Gramma and Papa Al.Yesterday Kira informed me, "Addie's not sick anymore. Go to Addie's birthday!" Hmmmm... sorry, Kira, you'll have to wait a few more weeks.


  1. i LOVE it! so precious how excited she is! i am SO glad she's still going to get to come! tell her we'll have another special marshmallow just for her! love yall!

  2. I think "Consolation Marshmallow" is an intriguing band name