Saturday, April 2, 2011

Addie's Birthday Party

After a 3-hour drive to Montgomery (thanks for being with us, Gramma!), we made it to Kira's cousin Addie's 3rd birthday party. After some quick hugs hello, Kira went straight for the small playset. Soon she realized, however, that the action was better on the big-girl playground. Here she is on the big-girl swing for only the second time.
Grampa was thrilled to have the opportunity to push her (and maybe more thrilled to have his picture taken...). Pretty impressive that he can squat down like that at his age.
I include this picture so you can see how amazing Kira is on the big-girl swing. As improbable as it might seem, she recovered from this almost-fall without touching the ground. Notice also how calm Grampa is about the whole thing.
Here is Kira with both Gramma & Grampa. I have no idea what exactly Gramma is doing here with her right hand, but that is one of Kira's twin cousins in her left hand--Anne Perry. Aunt Anna (mother of the birthday girl) is in the background there.
This is Kira knocking down a piece of cake. Intensity, focus, gusto. She's a Wamsted.
Apparently pinatas are de rigueur at toddler birthday parties in Montgomery. Kira, however, had never seen one in her life until the events leading up to this picture. Again notice the focus amidst the swirl of activity. I don't think she quite got what was happening.
Fortunately, Aunt Anna helped Kira get into the spirit of Addie's birthday. Necklace, silly band, two rings--and those are bubbles in her right hand. I'm not sure what she's watching here, but I appreciate the way she is paused halfway up the stairs with her arm so jaunty.
This is Jay writing, by the way.

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  1. yeah, jaunty gave it away, swam.