Saturday, April 23, 2011

how we're adjusting

everyone's sleeping pretty well, all things considered... except eli, maybe, who seems to be on high-alert to guard the newest addition to the seems like just yesterday that he was sleeping under kira's crib...kira and i (this is jay) made it out to run some errands the other day, which is where she received that amazing starbucks sticker; the sucker is courtesy of our friends annie & brenton & baby piper, who brought us dinner the other night; the pants-less look is kind of normal around here now
we're watching a little more television than normal--although when we let kira choose it always tends to be the same thing: monsters, inc.
normally we don't let her eat and watch tv at the same time: but how can you resist this grin?
here she is: maybe a little bothered that i'm interrupting her favorite movie? tough to say...
more when we get it together!


  1. I'm impressed! I think y'all have it together pretty well! Everyone looks happy. & I'm thinking a little extra tv never hurt anyone...especially when it's monsters inc! (I need to pull that out for Addie!). We can't wait to see you all!!! Addie has talked about "her baby boy John" several times! We're working on entering the word "cousin" in there! Needless to say she will be thrilled to get to come play with Kira & meet John (as are we!) Love y'all!

  2. i love the fake sleeping pic of Kira...John is too little to fake anything at this point but I can see a great teacher in the making! xoxogramma