Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flashback: Cheese Toast

There was one morning in mid-June that we woke up and asked Kira what she wanted for breakfast. We gave her several options, and she chose "cheese toast." However, when Millie opened the oven, Kira got upset. Through a series of questions, we finally came to the conclusion that Kira wanted "cheese toast, not in the oven." We clarified this several times, obviously a little confused, but finally gave Kira what she asked for: that is, cheese on bread.

First, in an homage to The Shoebox Kitchen, here is our most artistic shot of said breakfast.And here is our pleased as punch daughter. Note that after several attempts to eat "cheese on bread" as she would "cheese toast," Kira gave up and just ate the cheese. Then the bread. It was all rather hilarious.

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