Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grown-Up Water Bottle

We're not great photographers here at the Homestead. Mostly we forget to take pictures until the last day of a trip. Specifically, this is the first in a short string of posts--all made up of pictures taken on the last day of our Lake Seed trip.

As I said, we're not great photographers, but I think these pictures of Kira learning how to use a water bottle with a screw-on cap could be borrowed by Deer Park for some sort of advertising campaign. Seriously: blue-eyed kid in a bathing suit at the lake with the hint of an American flag in the upper first quadrant? They'd be foolish not to use these photos.

If any of you know any of them, feel free to pass these along. Thanks.


  1. ok she looks like James Dickey in this last photo

  2. are you implying that a blue-eyed kid embodies America? :)