Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Week At The Lake

So we're a little behind the 8-ball here, having missed a Wamsted gathering in Atlanta as well as Jay's birthday. It is Millie's birthday today, but this post isn't about that, either. This past weekend was spent at Lake Seed with Millie's entire extended family on her mother's side, but we have also missed that.

What we do have here are several pictures from the weekend of John & his cousin best friend Walker. They don't seem to realize yet how much fun they will soon be having, but they sure are cute together. Please note John's staring at his fist in the first photo, his new favorite habit.Uncle Connor & Cousin Chet took off earlier today, but not before Kira went fishing for the first time. I love how serious everyone is here about their looking into the water. Sometime after this they actually caught a fish, which was big news in Kira's world. She earned Pop-Pop's respect when she dug her hand into the tub of worms to find a live one to "stick on the hook." Unfortunately, Pop-Pop went home for a few days, and Kira thinks we're fishing some more tomorrow. Yikes! Apparently Daddy will have to unearth some long dormant skills...


  1. That is a great picture!!

  2. Remember your mother who always baited the hooks and took the fish off the line?