Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of "School"

Ok, Kira's not really in school yet. She's still just going to Parents' Morning Out one morning a week. This was the first day back after a short two week break, and Kira was so excited. We made her teachers some fig jam yesterday and she colored cards for them. So cute! And despite her look in this picture, she actually wanted to take pictures before we left. I'm not sure why she would only give me this scowl, but I still think she's kind of adorable.See the same cutie in the same skirt here in pictures of Kira's first morning ever at Parents' Morning Out. My, she has grown!


  1. i just showed this picture to all of my students when they came up for one-on-one talks...several of them said she looked "scary"...true?

  2. i mean, i thought she looked kind of cute...