Saturday, October 29, 2011

John: 6-months-old

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. We have had a rough couple of weeks. John turned 6-months-old on October 15th. We went in for his regular check-up on the 18th only to discover that he had not grown since his 4-month check-up. Needless to say, we were very upset and concerned. We started supplementing with formula and checked back in with the doctor 9 days later -- John had gained 1 pound, 5 ounces in 9 days! The pediatrician was a little surprised and very pleased with such drastic results. John is back on track, and our family is settling back into normalcy.

Apparently "normalcy" here at the homestead means burning things because that is what we did today.[Edit: My mom thinks I should explain that I got a staph infection and had to go on major antibiotics (John took formula while I was on the medicine) and then had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics during this 2 month period. Apparently, all the stress on my body had a greater effect on my milk supply than we realized.]

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