Sunday, November 6, 2011

First S'more

The Wamsteds made the most of our extra hour yesterday. We started with a pancake breakfast at the Seelingers'. We took a break for lunch and naps and then headed to the Faulkners' for a fire and some burgers. I left Jay in charge of the kids there while I headed to Jen's 30th birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN!). John went to sleep in a pack'n'play while Kira sat around the fire with the grown-ups and ate her first s'more. She was in bed at the Faulkners' by the time I returned. Jay and I finally packed up two sleepy, pajama-wearing kids around midnight and headed home. Fortunately, everyone slept until the "new" 7:30 thanks to all of yesterday's activity... everyone except me!
(Thanks to Brenton Smith for the pictures!)

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