Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Break, Part 1

For the first time, Jay has a week off from work for Thanksgiving. We've had a pretty good time all hanging out together for a few days before the big family events roll in. A smattering from our week so far...

Kira & John's first ever bath together. There were a lot more pictures, but none that capture the fun without also capturing the nudity. (We just plopped John's baby bathtub into Kira's bath.)
We had Kira's friends Eloise & Margot over for a babysit swap Monday morning. However, Millie promptly left to go out to coffee with their mother, putting Jay in charge of all four children. Fortunately, John went to sleep pretty soon after that, and the girls played really well together.
Right now we are in the process of introducing solids into John's diet. Between that and the bottle, it can take up to an hour to feed him when he is distracted (as he often is, by his sister, or Eli, or noises from outside...). All his time in the high chair apparently reminded Kira of how much fun she used to have in her booster seat.
Today, baking! Tomorrow, eating!

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