Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday Party

Our new screened-in porch and deck were finished just in time for John's party on Saturday. The weather cooperated as well. Sunny with highs in the 70s. We had a wonderful little family party (although this family keeps growing!) with burgers, bubbles, and balls. Sounds like heaven to a 1-year old (and a 3-year-old, too!).

Birthday Boy
Big Sister
Baby Dinner Station
"Big Girl" Dinner Station
Papa Al with Kira and Addie
Fun in the Grass
Yaya and John
Audrey Kate and Gramma
Yaya, Millie, and John
John very seriously eating CAKE...
Seriously, he didn't crack a smile. But he ate it FAST.
Jay and Kira each opening John's presents making the same face
John amidst the present opening

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