Thursday, April 5, 2012

good talk

Kira: Daddy, are you wearing boxers?
Jay [in fact, wearing boxers]: Yeah, I am.
Kira: When John grows up he will be a man and I bet he will wear boxers.
Jay: You're probably right.
Kira: And when I grow up I will be a woman and I will be a garbage disposal.
Jay: Huh?
Kira [emphatically]: A garbage disposal! [walks away]
Jay: ...

Millie later informed me that Kira currently wants to be a garbageman when she grows up, as she is really into riding on the side of grocery store carts right now.


  1. Well that explains a little....yesterday Kira and I were talking about the fact that she was the only girl grandchild in our family- to which she immediately pointed out to me that she was almost a woman......

  2. If she wants to be a garbage MAN, she's got her work cut out for her! HILARIOUS.