Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Question...

Check out this blog post from our friends the Faulkners. The second picture down is John & Alice, and something about the weird Instagram filter seems to have interacted with the look of our son. Jay is convinced that this picture looks exactly like a picture of him from when he was little. So, the question: Is he right? Could this be an old picture of Jay?


  1. i do believe that Jay is right - there is more than a passing resembalance at least as far as I can remember back that long ago!

  2. I think we need a picture of Jay here to really compare them.

  3. I saw that picture and thought how much john looked like old pictures of jay in it. Sometimes when i am with him he looks exactly like Jay to me but then he changes expressions and looks completely different. So I vote yes...john has some of Jay s expressions to a tee! Margaret