Friday, July 27, 2012

Cousin Fun Time

So, Kira really loves her cousins. 
Same room, some time later. This is a mash up of generations here, kind of a cousin-scrum moving on toward the kid's bedtimes.
We had several rousing games of Memory with the girls. Mostly, however, the competition devolved to a laughing contest centered around every card: "Banana car?! That's SILLY!!"
To wit.
This is not a great picture--John being a little sad and all. It does show off something that we noticed this week, though: John & Audrey Kate look a whole lot alike. Almond eyes, blonde-ish times they've looked more related to each other than they do to their actual sisters. We'll try to get a better picture of this phenomenon if we can.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Beach Pictures

We had a huge photo shoot at the beach last night--all 26 of us, right after kids' dinner but before kids' bedtimes.
Grampa & Miss Gail with the 5 grandkids, all cheerful because Uncle Paul was jumping up and down behind the camera.
These are the nine Wamsted cousins (three of the boys are technically Langs). Annemarie is to Jay's right, and it is not an optical illusion: she is in fact at least an inch taller than him. Her and all six boys behind her. Several of them are 6'4" or more. How did Jay end up so...ahem....not tall?
This would be Grampa Lee & Grandma Marge's six great-grandchildren. Or, if you like, Kira & John's cousins from Montgomery and second cousin from Austin (Nolen).
Kira is not thrilled to be in this picture, but we had to try.
She is, however, beyond excited to be in this photo. She and Addie began imitating Uncle Paul for all of the various family shots: jumping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs. It was exactly as cute as it sounds.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Beach: Pool Time

After almost two straight days at the beach, the extended Wamsted family needed a break of sorts. So, instead of heading left across one street to the beach, we all headed right across a different street to the pool. The floats came out, and the kids had fun not getting pummeled by the waves. Here's Grampa taking John on a tour.
Somehow John has switched floats here, but it's the same tour. That's Aunt Anna and one of John's twin cousins, although its impossible to verify which one, due to the preponderance of pink which covers her up.
Jay's unfortunate mustache & pseudo-pompadour ruin this otherwise incredible Wamsted-Man picture. Well, technically cousin Graham is a Lang, but we try to forgive him that on these trips. Notice Graham's sunburn here, if you interested in such things. As he says, "Burn on the first day, tan by the end of the week." We'll see.
Here Graham provided a moment which Kira talked about for most of the afternoon: "Daddy, Graham sp-lashed me!" [She's working an enunciating her "L"s, and that's how she sounds now.] Somehow, the amazing Ms. Gail managed to capture it on camera. That kid in the front is not a relative, but that's the kind of family we are: strangers stop to stare.
A quiet moment for Millie & Kira, who did recover from being so sp-lashed.
Grampa, taking a break. It's tough being the paterfamilias.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brothers at the Beach

(these mustaches are in honor of our father & uncles, circa 1970s-1980s)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So Much To Learn...

As you might expect, John knows how to talk to the ladies.
Unfortunately, he has been trained by his sister to keep his guard up and be defensive, even when no threat is posed.
And just like that, the boy is all alone again. Poor John. He's in for a long road of lonely if he never gets past this hair pulling phase.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Lake, Again

If you've been around Kira recently, you have certainly heard about her friend Eloise. Last weekend, we took Eloise's family (the Seelingers) to the lake for a couple of days, along with our friends the Faulkners. Below is Eloise up front, with her daddy Alan holding her baby sister Laurel right next to her. In the background hiding her face is Anne Faulkner (not a Seelinger). I don't exactly know who is supposed to be driving the boat.
That's Margot Seelinger in the foreground of this picture--she's about a year younger than Kira and all three girls have a blast together. Here they are having a tea party while waiting out one of the weekend's episodic cloudbursts.
It is kind of ridiculous that John is wearing no pants and a long sleeve shirt here. How exactly did that happen? Aren't there splinters on that dock? John loves the older girls as much as Kira does, as you can tell from this goofy look on his face.
We took the canoe across the lake to see the creek and the mini-waterfall. Kira and Eloise even paddled a bit!
Eloise is holding on to Alice Faulkner in this picture. We tried to get a shot of all 6 kids, but at any given moment one of them was inevitably asleep. Sorry, Laurel! Also not pictured anywhere: Eloise & Margot's mom Beth and Alice's dad Scruff. Again, sorry...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"I will love to have two little brothers!"

We're having another boy!  Kira's response was the quote above.  Seems like a pretty good response.  John was nonplussed, but we think he'll love having another boy around, too.

We thought about trying to predict what Baby Boy will look like, but our attempt at John was a dismal failure.  See here for our best effort at the time (based on putting 20-month-old Kira in Jay's hat).

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dickey Dance Party

We're not sure exactly what happened after dinner on the second night of the Dickey family reunion, but the Aunt-iques surprised us all and performed an amazing Motown karaoke medley...
...which turned into an even more surprising impromptu performance of Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" (and neither words nor pictures can do true justice to this moment)...
...which led directly to a dance party breaking out. From left to right that's Baba dancing with her granddaughter and namesake Barbara, William and his sister Brooksie, and Aunt-ique Anne with her husband Rudolph (and yes, that is Jay in the background snagging a little bit of tiramisu).
Here's William dancing with Aunt-ique Courtney, who just so happens to be his mom. Really, he's that good.
Aunt-ique Diane with her daughters Claire and Mary Beth. Claire also happens to be Kira's favorite babysitter, just fyi--though for some reason she always wants to call her Mary Beth.
We can't remember exactly what this song was, but it was every bit as spectacular as it looks. Don't let the slightly bored look on Uncle Bill's face fool you--he's just a little put out because his older sisters kept second guessing his DJ skills all night.
One last thing: there was way less alcohol involved in all of this than you might think--certain parties just want to make that known. If you want to check out some video footage of the Aunt-ique routine that kicked this whole thing off, click here.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

All The Fun Things

Every year we spend the Fourth of July with the whole Dickey clan (Millie's mother's family) at Yaya and PopPop's lake house.  With 25 of us here, there is never a dull moment!  The kids can always find an entertaining playmate or an comfy lap.  What are the Wamsteds going to do when the school year starts again and we're not on vacation all the time?!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Lake

Step One: Fuel up.
 Step Two: Swim hard.
 Step Three: Wind down.
(that's James, Millie's 13 year-old cousin--the youngest member of her generation)