Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Beach Pictures

We had a huge photo shoot at the beach last night--all 26 of us, right after kids' dinner but before kids' bedtimes.
Grampa & Miss Gail with the 5 grandkids, all cheerful because Uncle Paul was jumping up and down behind the camera.
These are the nine Wamsted cousins (three of the boys are technically Langs). Annemarie is to Jay's right, and it is not an optical illusion: she is in fact at least an inch taller than him. Her and all six boys behind her. Several of them are 6'4" or more. How did Jay end up so...ahem....not tall?
This would be Grampa Lee & Grandma Marge's six great-grandchildren. Or, if you like, Kira & John's cousins from Montgomery and second cousin from Austin (Nolen).
Kira is not thrilled to be in this picture, but we had to try.
She is, however, beyond excited to be in this photo. She and Addie began imitating Uncle Paul for all of the various family shots: jumping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs. It was exactly as cute as it sounds.

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