Monday, July 16, 2012

The Lake, Again

If you've been around Kira recently, you have certainly heard about her friend Eloise. Last weekend, we took Eloise's family (the Seelingers) to the lake for a couple of days, along with our friends the Faulkners. Below is Eloise up front, with her daddy Alan holding her baby sister Laurel right next to her. In the background hiding her face is Anne Faulkner (not a Seelinger). I don't exactly know who is supposed to be driving the boat.
That's Margot Seelinger in the foreground of this picture--she's about a year younger than Kira and all three girls have a blast together. Here they are having a tea party while waiting out one of the weekend's episodic cloudbursts.
It is kind of ridiculous that John is wearing no pants and a long sleeve shirt here. How exactly did that happen? Aren't there splinters on that dock? John loves the older girls as much as Kira does, as you can tell from this goofy look on his face.
We took the canoe across the lake to see the creek and the mini-waterfall. Kira and Eloise even paddled a bit!
Eloise is holding on to Alice Faulkner in this picture. We tried to get a shot of all 6 kids, but at any given moment one of them was inevitably asleep. Sorry, Laurel! Also not pictured anywhere: Eloise & Margot's mom Beth and Alice's dad Scruff. Again, sorry...


  1. Look at John standing... Did he just stand up for the picture?
    And the tea party looks so good, I can't wait to go up to the lake this weekend to have one. Glad it was fun in spite of all the rain.

  2. Yeah so that's what I noticed too...John standing like a sumo wrestler. Strong ...strong legs. Whoa... Gramma missing those guys!