Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Beach: Pool Time

After almost two straight days at the beach, the extended Wamsted family needed a break of sorts. So, instead of heading left across one street to the beach, we all headed right across a different street to the pool. The floats came out, and the kids had fun not getting pummeled by the waves. Here's Grampa taking John on a tour.
Somehow John has switched floats here, but it's the same tour. That's Aunt Anna and one of John's twin cousins, although its impossible to verify which one, due to the preponderance of pink which covers her up.
Jay's unfortunate mustache & pseudo-pompadour ruin this otherwise incredible Wamsted-Man picture. Well, technically cousin Graham is a Lang, but we try to forgive him that on these trips. Notice Graham's sunburn here, if you interested in such things. As he says, "Burn on the first day, tan by the end of the week." We'll see.
Here Graham provided a moment which Kira talked about for most of the afternoon: "Daddy, Graham sp-lashed me!" [She's working an enunciating her "L"s, and that's how she sounds now.] Somehow, the amazing Ms. Gail managed to capture it on camera. That kid in the front is not a relative, but that's the kind of family we are: strangers stop to stare.
A quiet moment for Millie & Kira, who did recover from being so sp-lashed.
Grampa, taking a break. It's tough being the paterfamilias.

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