Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Night Pictures

We've had quite a full and fun weekend!  On Friday night, Gramma came in town.  She stayed with John while Jay and I took Kira to Sesame Street Live at Philips Arena (thank you for the tickets, Barbara!).  As you can imagine, it blew our 3-year-old away!  On Saturday, Gramma and I manned the children while Jay finished an almost final draft of his dissertation (ok, yes, he will still be editing for the next few months, but this was a big milestone).  Saturday night, Gramma watched BOTH children while Jay and I said BON VOYAGE to my cousin Claire who is moving to France.  Then today saw church, a picnic in the park, and house-wide naps!

We did not get pictures of any of the above events so Jay tried to snap a few photos before bath time tonight.  It turned into something of a wrestling match.  You should have seen him trying to take these pictures....

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