Friday, November 2, 2012


Halloween here at the homestead was not all that we had hoped.  Kira came down with a stomach bug Wednesday afternoon, which put an end to her evening of trick-or-treating as well as any chance of an adorable brother/sister photo session.  Fortunately, Kira still got to experience "Trunk-or-Treat" at preschool on Wednesday morning.  Parents decorated tables (in lieu of car trunks due to chilly weather) and handed out treats.  The kids all got to wear their costumes to school.  Kira dressed as a flower fairy (last minute change from a ladybug).  She completed the costume with flowers in her hair and a freshly-picked bouquet for her teacher.  She was not keen on my taking a picture as she wanted to get to school as soon as humanly possible, but I did convince her to hold her flowers for me.  She winked in all the pictures... go figure.
My mom came to help me with "Trunk-or-Treat."  She was the brains and creative talent behind our Cookie Monster pumpkin.  My dad helped with the pumpkin, too.  If I can get my act together, I'll post pictures of my father painting this pumpkin blue with Kira to prove what a sucker he is for his grandkids!  Anyway, Cookie Monster turned out wonderfully.  Quite a hit at the preschool!
John refused to wear his costume at Kira's school.  Pick your battles, right?  But he sure got into the whole COOKIE aspect of the event!
Although Kira had to stay home at night, Jay still dressed John up in his monkey costume and took him to our immediate neighbors' houses.  All of the pictures of John are in the house because we missed the sunlight, and the house is a wreck due to the aforementioned stomach bug.  I'll refrain from mentioning any more details.  Anyway, John had a great time and was very excited about both his costume and all those shiny things he brought home in his pumpkin!
Please join me in wishing for a calmer, easier Halloween for the Wamsteds next year!

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  1. what a darling little monkey!! sorry that kira was sick :(