Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few Pictures

Even with Jay at home the past two weeks, we have had a lot of trouble keeping up with picture taking & blog posting. Poor third child. At any rate, here are a few photos from our last week. None of them are particularly awesome, but they kind of capture the mood around here.
Again, not a great picture: but kind of cute. Simon gets more & more alert every day.
We bravely had a few friends over for Christmas Carols the other night. This shot (magically captured by Scruff, I think?) represents basically 90% of Kira's non-family friends. From left to right: a blurry, happy Kira; Eloise Seelinger; Alice Faulkner; Margot Seelinger; Harry Alexander; a blurry, ringleading Charlotte Alexander; and a slightly sleepy looking Griffin Alexander. Kira was in heaven every second of the gathering.
Jay was in heaven too. We sang for probably 30 minutes--doing "Jingle Bells" at least 3 times in that span. This stomp & clap breakdown probably occurred during "Frosty the Snowman," as no one really knew the chords.
The next morning, Thursday TV time. John is teething right now (perfect timing, right?) which explains the hand in mouth. Simon is on the verge of sleep, which is just as well, because "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" might just have confused him had he tried to watch. It is what Kira chose, however. John was super excited about it in the lead up, though he did confuse Millie a bit when she woke up, as he calls Charlie Brown "Pabo!" It is confusing, though when he says "Pabo and Snoopy!" it at least gives you some context clues.

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