Thursday, December 6, 2012

Family of Five, One Week In

The first time I (Jay) ever really saw Simon's eyes open for more than ten seconds was this moment, when I caught him staring in deep thought at the bouncy seat monkeys.
This was quiet time about 30 minutes later. Millie & John are still asleep. Notice that rather giant cup of coffee there--my second of the day and it couldn't have been past seven in the morning.
Millie thinks this picture "looks like Simon." I think he looks kind of goofy. But, maybe that's the same thing. I've been thinking as much watching John lately--it would make sense if Simon follows in his big brother's footsteps.
To wit: John, a couple of weeks ago, blowing on one of those silly party whistles. Goofy, right? Like father, like sons, I suppose...


  1. Simon definitely has his own look...not like anyone else at this point but then again in that last picture john doesn't look like John either. Kira does look like Kira...whew! Gramma

  2. I can't wait to meet Simon & see your family of 5 soon! We love y'all!