Friday, December 21, 2012

How Are The Kids?





Normally Ebullient John


Simon = Cute as a Button!

Quick story on Kira. Right before bedtime on Wednesday night she came out to say good-night to Scruff and decided to show him her jump & twirl (or something). End result: back of head meets end table. She was really brave about the whole thing (once the initial shock & scream wore off) and she and Jay actually had a pretty good time in the hospital watching TV and talking about all of the medical equipment. So, three stitches in a little bit under two and half hours door to door, and she got down to bed around 11 or so. All in all, could have been worse.

True story. Jay got stitches so many times as a toddler that his mother, on their fourth visit under the age of two, was separated from him and questioned at length by a military detective. So, he thinks he pretty much had this whole thing coming.

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