Thursday, December 27, 2012

Notes From The Siege: Day 8

Still a fever for John, who in addition to being really sick is also getting a jump start on his two-year old attitude. Kira, Simon, Jay, and Millie are all exhibiting what they call "flu-like symptoms" without actually having much of a fever. Our attitudes are all pretty normal (whatever that means for a 4-week-old), though the adults are pretty exhausted. Christmas went well, against all odds, despite a rather big re-writing of plans. For instance, we ate tacos for Christmas dinner last night. Not exactly traditional, but you make do with what you have on hand. We did have a big crock pot full of hot chocolate in the afternoon, and there was Peppermint Schnapps left over from a gathering we had a while back. So, that's pretty festive (and helpful for exhaustion!).

Today presents saved the morning for the second day in a row. Kira kept calling out, "Let's play with everything!" and they proceeded to do exactly that. It was pretty cute.

If we don't get to leave this house soon, though, things might actually fall apart. Supplies and spirits are high, but moods turn on a dime here. Hoping for a fever break any day now...

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