Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post-Flu Christmas Celebration

John's fever finally broke on Thursday, which meant that we got to celebrate Christmas with Jay's family (Gramma and Papa Al, Grampa and Miss Gail, and the Montgomery Wamsteds) on Friday and Saturday.  They all came to Atlanta and stayed in a hotel, and we had a big dinner and opened presents on Friday night.  It was really fun!!  I'm trying to decide if my tolerance for chaos has increased or if it wasn't too terribly wild (considering we have 6 kids under 5).  Either way, everyone had a great time and we even managed to snap a few pictures.
From left to right: Simon, Kira, Anne Perry, Addie, Audrey Kate, John
On the health front, we have no fevers in the house but several bad coughs.  Poor Simon is among the ill.  A 1-month-old's cough can sure break a mother's heart.  We plan on using the rest of Christmas break to rest and get everyone well.

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