Monday, December 30, 2013

Chicken Video

So, several things about this video.

1) As before, it may only be interesting if you think Simon is hilarious. In other words, it's not worth watching for the quality of the film-making.
2) That is his word for "chicken" that he says to me at the very beginning.
3) I was actively trying to get Simon to do his chicken noise for the camera, because we think it's awesome. I had no idea he would break for the door.
4) His actions, however, surprising as they may be to me at the moment, are entirely consistent with his worldview. Meaning, when he is thinking about chickens, if he goes to a window and looks out he is about 50% likely to see a chicken. Why wouldn't he go to the door when I ask him to make a chicken noise?
5) Listen for the "b-b-b" noise in the background. That is his version of the soft "buck" that comes before the loud "buck-aw!" in the traditional chicken noise.
6) Note that the video stops only because he makes for the dog food, possibly the only thing more interesting to Simon than the chickens. At least twice a week Millie fishes dog food out of that kid's mouth. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We've had a busy and wonderful Christmas season.  We've seen lots of loved ones, sung lots of song, eaten lots of sweets, and taken very few pictures.  Here is a random assortment from various activities.  Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

He's a Wamsted!

A lot of chatter goes around about how much Simon looks like Kira did as a baby. As an implicit consequence, it is assumed that this means he looks more like Millie than Jay. While all of this may be true, there is no debating the Jay-like characteristics manifested by the boy of late. To wit, a series of photos captured while the family was rocking out to Sarah McLachlan's "The First Noel." Please ignore the messy face & unkempt hair (although, to be fair, these are also Jay-like characteristics, so...).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Break, Day 1

Well, it's been a rough couple of weeks here at the Homestead.  Everyone has been sick, from the oldest to the youngest among us.  John and Simon have had multiple illnesses  -- one of which has resulted in a scabby rash on the face... just in time for Christmas pictures!  Oh, and Kira fell hard on her cheek before bed tonight so she'll most likely be sporting a massive bruise on her face.  Get ready for some adorable Wamsteds, people.  But, seriously, they're still pretty cute and we're all SUPER excited about Christmas.  The Christmas decorations are up, and we're counting down the days.  Not to mention, Jay has 2 weeks off work so that's pretty amazing.
By the way, if you receive a broken present from us, it's Simon's fault.  I found him literally THROWING the most breakable present under the tree as far as he could.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simon's 1st Birthday

Simon's first birthday was Friday, November 29th.  We had a little party for him on Saturday.
He had his first cupcake (albeit pretty healthy for a cupcake).
He liked it right away, but he wasn't sure how to consume it (as his food is always cut into bite-sized pieces).
After a little encouragement...
... he took matters into his own hands...
... and enjoyed himself very much!
Simon had his 12-month check-up yesterday.  He weighed in at a healthy 25 lbs, 1 oz and was 31.5 inches long (the 95th percentile or thereabouts for both).  He is far bigger than Kira or John was at this age.  He is also more daring and physical (perhaps a result of wanting to keep up with his siblings - it's hard to say).  We never had to worry about the other two climbing up anything.  This child, on the other hand, has been on top of something every time I've turned around lately!  He certainly keeps us busy!  He's also talking a TON!  He has more words than I can count... Mommy, Daddy, John, chicken, dog, wow, no, bottle... the list goes on!  So maybe there's something to be said for keeping up with the big kids...
Happy birthday, Simon!  We love you!

Saturday, November 30, 2013


So no pictures exist from the actual dinner, or the five days we spent in Augusta at Jay's mom's (with the Montgomery Wamsteds around the corner at his dad's). We were too busy having fun and being pampered by Jay's family!  But we did manage to grab a photo of all five of us, right before dinner, all wearing nice clothes. Kind of a miracle. Then we tried to get a picture of all seven (!) Wamsted cousins. Not quite as easy a task, but that was to be expected...
From left to right: Anne Perry (3 1/2), John (2 1/2), Addie (5 1/2), Simon (1!), Kira (4 1/2), Audrey Kate (3 1/2), and Andrew (4 months). Whew!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kira's "Fancy" Haircut

I took Kira to a salon this morning for a haircut.  All previous haircuts have either been in a toy airplane seat (just once), at Supercuts (also once), or done by Mommy (many times).  Kira was so excited to go to Mommy's salon and get a real, grown-up haircut.  And she wanted it SHORT.  It is now short and totally adorable.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween (Better Late Than Never)

We've been trying to put together a more coherent Halloween post, because it was such an event-filled day. However, time has caught up with us, and we are closer to Thanksgiving & Simon's first birthday than Halloween at this point, so here goes a possibly erratic post...
Kira in costume #1. You've already seen this from the "Thriller" dance.
John, getting ready to go to school. Kira wore that costume two years ago--you could probably find the post if you wanted to see her do her monkey dance.
Simon, wearing the other monkey costume, the one John wore just last year. Again, check it out!
Kira in costume #2, in the only picture of all three of our kids all together in who knows how long...
An attempted group hug.
And, a special visitor for the evening: Gramma! This is a pretty cute picture, even if Simon did take his hat off just moments before.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Simon & Daddy

Simon has taken to freaking out every time Jay comes home from work. "Da-DA! Da-DA!" as he wiggles in his chair or clomps down the hall. That kid sure does love his dad: he only has a handful of words and "Da-Da" is by far his favorite. He did learn the word "no" today, however, so we'll see how long Daddy can stay #1.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Dance

Please enjoy these hilarious pictures of Kira.  Her class performed a dance to "Thriller" at preschool for Halloween.  It was just as awesome as you're imagining...
Many more Halloween pictures to follow!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Leaves

One of the best things about living in Atlanta is that we get real seasons.  Fall and Spring are glorious here.  As such, we have been enjoying our October, and Kira has been greatly looking forward to playing in the leaves.  Today on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Jay helped her rake up a pile.  She and John then destroyed said pile.  And repeat.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday

... from a 4-year-and-7-month-old (with a dirty face if you look closely).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Thursday

...from a not-quite-11-month-old who will not stay still for pictures.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Extended Absence

All three kids have been varying degrees of sick for the past ten days or so: coughs, runny noses, our first-ever ear infection (John--the lucky winner!). Here they are on a rainy Saturday morning, playing "sick." John stayed home from school yesterday and got to watch Toy Story--this prompted a wave of the two big kids pretending to watch TV. That's why John is holding those DVD covers: he's imagining how great it would be to be watching TV.
For the record, we do not put our children in buckets when they're sick.  John seems to like it, though. Maybe we should give it a try next time.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Simon's First Word

The boy has been flirting with it the past week or so--a possible "da-da" when Jay came home on Wednesday, a potential "bye-bye" to the diapers in the aisle at Coscto, he sometimes makes "mah mah mah" noises while eating (more?)--but today we have a definite, vetted first word.

In the parking lot at Kroger, Jay and John and Simon ran into a student from Mays. John was a little shy, but did decide to say "Bye-bye Richard!" when they parted company. Moments later, staring across the parking lot, Simon calls out, "Bye-bye! Bye-bye!"

Jay caught up with Richard to tell him that he was the recipient of his youngest son's first word. A moment possibly wasted on a teenage boy, who merely responded matter-of-factly, "Because I'm Richard!"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The New Girls

After discovering two of our chicks were roosters, we shipped them off to a farm (no, really, they're living on a farm now).  We needed two new hens to replace them.  Enter our New Hampshire Reds.  That's them in between Franny (in the foreground) and Lucy (the yellow chicken).  We now have four hens, and all four actually lay eggs.  This gives us about 3 eggs a day all in varying shades of brown.