Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break! Here at Lake Seed, first time out of town as a family of five...

This is John's "Surprise Face." Millie and I make him do it so often that we've started to worry about creating a future class clown. The Elmo hat adds to the effect, I think.
Kira & Eli playing soccer in the field. That bucket is filled with pine cones.
Heading to the other field looking for more pine cones. I don't know exactly why collecting pine cones became a thing, but it does keep us busy.
I managed to get decent pictures of all three kids alone. Here's Kira, 4 years & 1 month.
John, turning 2 next week.
Simon, 4 months plus a week.
Outake. I told Kira to put her arm around John, who had just moments before been excited about taking a picture with his big sister. Poor kid has some trust issues.

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