Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dr. Wamsted

In the past 5 years, Jay has...
   - had 3 beautiful children
   - been published 4 times
   - ridden 16,025.2 miles on his bicycle (I kid you not.  I got this data off of his bike spreadsheet.  Yes, really.)
   - taught over 800 high school students
   - completed a 358 page dissertation
   - and (drumroll, please) earned 1 PhD from Georgia State University.

Jay will be embarrassed by this post, but the numbers speak for themselves.  How could I not brag on this man?!  It's been a wild 5 years; I can't wait to see what the next 5 will bring!

Here is a link to Jay's dissertation for the few of you who have expressed interest.


  1. 16,025.2 miles - WOW!
    What a wonderful accomplishment Dr. Jay Wamsted.
    So proud of both of you and we look forward to the next 5 years to see what they will bring for the Wamsted family. - should be fun!!!
    much love, YaYa and PopPop

  2. Jay and Millie--These are amazing accomplishments by Jay. Congratulations to both of you. You forgot to add to the list that is also earned the title of Chicken Man.
    Sallie Chasteen

    1. Haha! That might be the biggest accomplishment of all... those chickens are FAST!!

  3. Amazing!!! Jay is awesome-- and Millie too! No doubt a lot of team work happening these past 5 years!