Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day in the Mountains, Part One

The last couple of years the Atlanta Wamsteds have celebrated the end of the school year by heading to Highlands, North Carolina for a long weekend plus a day or so. Jay's mom has a house up there, and it is the perfect place to regroup and ready ourselves for a hot summer. Grandma, of course, goes all out to keep the kids entertained. Here they all are playing some sort of memory game.
John reads to Simon. This moment was every bit as cute as it appears.
Three out of four smiles here isn't bad. Simon has a hard time taking his eyes off of his brother and sister at times!
For snack the first day we met Millie's grandmother downtown for ice cream. No decent picture was captured of the whole crowd, but John's joy here will suffice to speak for the moment.
Kira--less messy but also far more focused on the task at hand.
Millie took this picture of herself & Simon while the rest of us were inside getting ice cream. It's a bit odd, to be sure, but notice how their eyes and hair are the exact same colors.
And just so you can see how peaceful we are when Grandma takes care of us for the week. This is us after the kids were all down for sleep that first night. Thanks, Mom!
Coming soon: A canoe trip & a visit to the waterfall!


  1. What's interesting here is how much Kira and Millie look alike...exactly, down to the pose! What a great week for everyone (including Eli! ) xo Margaret