Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preschool's Out for the Summer

Today was Kira's last day of preschool for the year.  They played outdoor games all day, and she had so much fun.  By the time we got home, she collapsed in a heap and proclaimed, "I'm sad because I had such a big day!"  How very self aware of her.
We thought it was John's last day of Parents' Morning Out when we took this picture this morning, but it turns out he has one more week.  Jay also has one more week of teaching, and then the Wamsteds will shift into summer mode.  I couldn't be more excited!

If you want to see what a difference a school year makes, check out this post from the first day of Parents' Morning Out.  My, how those 2 have grown!  (Not to mention their baby brother who was still in utero at the time.)

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