Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kids + Music = Awesome

This is our first stab at a video post. As with most videos of little kids, I would caveat that it is not necessarily the most fascinating thing in the world--but it is pretty cute if you happen to like these three kids. I put one of Kira & John's favorite songs on the ipod and they ran to grab their instruments so they could sing to Simon. You're going to watch an edited version of that concert. 

(If you watch carefully you'll notice that John's glockenspiel is turned upside down in the second part. This is due to a deleted scene wherein he gets his hammer caught in Kira's dress and loses his grip. In an effort to retrieve it, he flips the keys over with his knees. And yet, he keeps on playing. That's showmanship.)

1 comment:

  1. this made. my. day!
    cant WAIT to show Alice when she gets home.