Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day in the Mountains, Part Three: Dry Falls

After the big canoe adventure in the morning, we took the family to Dry Falls in the afternoon.  As you can see, the falls are not, in fact, dry.  We hiked down close to the falls.  Both the big kids walked the whole way down, but Simon rode in style.  Look!  A family picture, and no one is mad or crying!
What's awesome about this waterfall is that the path actually leads behind it.  You are tucked up under the rocks and can watch the water in front of you.  Kira loved it, and her enthusiasm emboldened her little brother.
John hitched a ride back up the path on Daddy's back.  Kira trekked the entire way, and slept well that night!
 To see Kira and John at this same waterfall circa 2011, click here.

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