Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day in the Mountains, Part Two: Canoeing

The kids were super excited about taking a canoe ride with Grandma & Papa Al. Here we are about to get in the boat and take off. Notice the hand holding. How cute are those kids?
View from the back of the boat--the stern, if you will. Those are ducks off in the distance.
John stayed in Grandma's lap the whole time. She didn't seem to mind, even though he is rather wiggly at times. Charming, sure--but still pretty wiggly.
Kira started out in the belly of the boat, but ended up on my lap pretty quickly. She also managed to snag my paddle in the process.
Here she is showing off her paddling skills. Notice that she brings the same focus to her canoeing that she did to her ice cream eating.
John paddled too, although I'm not sure how much water got moved by this team. He thought it was pretty cool either way.
At one point Grandma got out with the two kids and Albert and I paddled around for a while. He strikes rather a noble pose here, don't you think? The great explorer?
Here we are, going under a bridge (that's why Grandma is ducking down with the kids). For some reason I really liked this picture. Maybe it feels like we're on some grand adventure? Or maybe because usually it's pretty difficult to get Kira & John to look at the camera at the same time...
Still to come: the waterfall!

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