Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Beach Pictures...

So, apparently the amount of pictures one takes on vacation varies inversely with the number of children one has. Meaning, my Aunt Laura took some pictures here on the last day of vacation, and we finally have something good to post. Here we have Kira swimming in the pool--which she did for several hours a day, every day. It exhausted us just watching her.
John, on the other hand, took a couple of days to warm up to the concept of the pool. Once he got the hang of it, though, he was thrilled with the idea. Finally, today on the afternoon of the sixth and final day, Millie convinced him to jump from the side. As you can see, he was overjoyed.
Simon got into the pool a couple of times, but no photographic evidence exists to show that fact. This picture of his sink bath is pretty cute, however. Technically, it is a vacation photo insomuch as we rarely, if ever, bathe the boy in our own kitchen sink.
More photos to come, we hope! We got a bunch from Laura, so we'll see...

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