Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Beach: John

In an ambitious turn, we are going to try to post a series of beach photos--one for each kid. We chose John to start because this photo made us laugh.

Here we have a few photos of John with his new best friend: Uncle Dennis. (That's Jay's dad's youngest brother).

A couple of shots of John on his own.  He is way tuckered out wrapped up in that green and white towel, and super-cute.

John's absolute favorite thing about the pool was sitting up on top of "the shower." We would swim from the steps to the shower and back again over and over. Sometimes he would want to get straight down, but other times he wanted to play catch. Aunt Laura caught it all on film. That photo on the left looks like an ad for Dora the Explorer. 

He looks so old here all of a sudden in this last picture. Maybe it's having Simon around as a baby brother, or maybe it's that John really is turning into such a big boy. 

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  1. LOVE John's blond hair!?! Yaya