Monday, July 29, 2013

The Beach: Kira

You might not have thought we'd be back quite so quick, but here we are with some pictures of Kira from the beach! She loved the waterfall too--though not quite as much as John.
Toward the middle of the week we noticed Kira walking around the pool area in deep conversation with herself. Then we saw her holding various toys up to her ear. Apparently, playing "cell phone" every day had turned into some sort of necessity. She never would tell us who she was talking to.
One of the few pictures of any of our kids with their cousins. We usually count on Aunt Anna for these shots, but she was 35 weeks pregnant. Ergo, a definite lack of pictures. If not for Aunt Laura picking up our slack, I don't know what we'd have done! We did take this, though. Grandpa had been in that chair for hours, just so you know.
We dug a decent sized hole on the one day we brought our camera to the beach, and Anne Perry & Audrey Kate loved playing in it almost as much as Timmy & Jay loved digging it.
One highlight of the trip for the grown-ups was a rented boat and a trip into Joe's Bayou to see Jay's grandparents' old house. He grew up coming to this beach and tooling around this inland waterway--it was a little bit of a head-trip to get Kira & John on the boat to see everything.

Kira had tons of fun, that's for sure! If not for all of the action, we'd have more pictures, but this smile captures it pretty well.
Next up: Simon!

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  1. I am so glad I took some good shots, although your adorable kids made it easy! One of these days I'll get all of my pics online - the big camera, the phone camera, your waterproof camera - I took them any which way! Miss you all lots - kiss those sweethearts for us.